Beaver Brook Regional Fire Alliance


Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Beaver Brook Regional Fire Alliance to provide a safer, unified, efficient, and standardized service to the borough residents of Barrington, Bellmawr, Haddon Heights and Runnemede through joint training initiatives by utilizing the resources and expertise of the Alliance members. To ensure that the Barrington, Bellmawr, Haddon Heights, and Runnemede firefighters are provided the necessary skills, judgment, and training to safely mitigate emergency situations encountered.

Goals of the Alliance:

  • Create uniformity in training operations among three Departments
  • Adopt (1) standard operating procedure for all (3) departments to facilitate disciplined & cohesive operations on the fire ground.
  • Offset financial impacts of individual Department training
  • Increase the level and quality of services provided to our communities
  • To provide the (3) communities within the region with expanded service beyond fire suppression.
  • Enhance training and increase qualified manpower levels in areas such as technical rescue
  • Utilize training as a catalyst to further shared services amongst the (3) Departments

Beaver Brook Regional Fire Alliance Water Ops Drill
Members of the Bellmawr, Runnemede, Haddon Heights, and Barrington Fire Departments attended the Beaver Brook Regional Fire Alliance's monthly drill. This month the Alliance covered Water & Pool Emergencies at the Holiday Inn in Runnemede. Firefighters participated in evolutions involving removing an unconscious patient from a pool, in-water c-spine immobilization, and firefighter in-water survival techniques. In turnout gear, Firefighters jumped into the water to practice techniques to keep themselves afloat should they ever fall into a pool or water filled basement during a fire attack.

Squad 32 Duty Crew operates as the FAST Team at an apartment fire in Autumn Ridge Apartments in Blackwood

MVA 5/19/09


Water Ops

Foam Ops